Richard Sullivan

has been a professional restorer of decorative arts and antiques for over 40 years. After operating in Boston for over 25 years, the business moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.

Carolyn Sullivan

has been involved with new product development, sales, and marketing for over 20 years. In 2007 she joined Rosewalker Arts as Director of Marketing and Operations.


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Rosewalker Arts is Nashville's premier decorative arts studio, specializing in the restoration and creation of decorative art objects, and antique furniture.

Rosewalker's approach to decorative art restoration involves many disciplines and applied arts. We have developed a reputation for exacting technical expertise in the areas of color, detailing, and construction methods. We combine modern technological advances with time-tested applications to achieve our goal of stabilizing our clients' precious heirlooms.


We apply the techniques, materials, and approaches we use in restoration to the creation of a wide array of decorative arts ranging from wall decor to tabletop pieces to specialty tables. Many of our products are informed by elements from nature.

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We are a member of the
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
since 2015

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Partial Commercial Client List

McAlpine-Nashville, TN
Bradfords Interiors-Nashville, TN
M. McAlister Antiques-Nashville, TN
Phyllis Avant Interior Design-Nashville, TN
R. F. McManus Architectural Woodworking-Boston, MA
Vintage Millworks, Inc.-Nashville, TN
William Hodgins, Inc.- Boston, MA
Larry Maxwell, Inc.-Nashville, TN
Hudson Builders-Nashville, TN
Jerry Twomey Woodworking and Design-Boston, MA
L. Neal Interiors-Nashville, TN
The Caning Shoppe-Boston, MA
Zeng Xiao Jun-Boston, MA

The Rosewalker team is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service to our clients.

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Q. What do you mean by the name "Rosewalker"?
A. A Rosewalker is one who steps lightly from blossom to blossom, in spite of the thorns below!

Q. Doesn't restoration ruin the value of a piece?
A. Actually, fewer than 1% of decorative art pieces have earned "collectible" or museum status. These are the pieces to which this adage applies. If you have a piece that's badly broken, or whose finish is so damaged that it sits under a blanket, then its value is negligible. Restoration can only enhance the value of a piece such as this.

Q. Is there anything you can't restore?
A. We do not restore houses, cars, or reputations...! We restore decorative art objects and antiques. This classification includes several different types of media such as wood, plaster, metals, paints and finishes.

Q. How much does it cost, for instance, to restore a typical dining room table?
A. The price range is wide, and that's why we offer to come to you and give you an estimate at no cost. Once we've seen the piece, we will recommend several different approaches and can often (though not always) accommodate particular financial constraints.

Q. What you quoted me for restoration is more than I paid for the piece! What sense does that make?
A. The decision to restore and/or repurpose a piece is, much like the decision to renovate a home, based on an expectation of increased enjoyment. Future enjoyment and happiness are your only criteria. Words like "worth," "value," and "investment" really only come into play in a re-sale situation. To the average owner, we say "We are in the happiness business. If seeing a treasured piece get a new lease on life will make you happy, we think that makes all the sense in the world."

Q. Do you work on-site? I'd hate to be without the piece for a long time...
A. Our years of experience and dedicated staff make it possible for us to offer average lead times of 2-4 weeks. While we pride ourselves on our whimsical nature, we're serious about customer service and quality execution.


Tara Wilson

has returned to her position as senior technician here at Rosewalker. Tara is a graduate of MTSU with a BA in studio arts. She brings great restoration skills, color savvy and a passion for this work.

Andrew Reinerio

joined the Rosewalker staff several months ago as a technician. Andrew also keeps the exterior surroundings looking shipshape.
Andrew is a glass artist who shows his wares at fairs when he can. He is currently enrolled in Nossi College of Art.


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