Rosewalker Arts

Decorative Arts
Nashville, TN

Rosewalker Creates Decorative Art


We make it on commission, on a whim, by accident, or by design.

These things used to be referred to as folk art for centuries. Lately the popular designation is outsider art. We like that. It's actually a comfy coat that we've worn for many years. Whatever, though, it's still decorative art.

Rosewalker uses materials we're familiar with from our extensive work in the restoration/conservation disciplines.

We employ wood, metal, plaster, fabric, paper, resins, metal leaf, and many types of glues, paints, pigments, and things we haven't thought of yet.

Contributing to the beauty of our planet

The beauty of it all is that it tends to be GREEN and pretty organic.

Quality and Service

As always, our quality and service is the finest there is, whether the piece is commissioned by you or you find something here that should be yours.

Product List?

There is no list really.

We make one of a kind pieces to order.


We create a form that successfully brings joy to the human condition and then we make more.

See our Galleries for examples. 

A word about our Aesthetic


The Rosewalker decorative art pieces are produced using many of the same techniques used in our restoration work.


Our Buttonflowers, Bugimals, Japanned wall hangings, and Primitive Masks all employ hand painting, doo-dads and found objects to dramatic effect. 


We hope our specialty tables, wall decor, and tabletop pieces will appeal to tastes not served by mainstream marketplaces. Our outsider art flavor is achieved using materials like hot glues, Japan colors, powdered earth pigments and metal leaf.

Quivering Cattails


The Rosewalker style is rich in motifs from nature. We use many specialty finishes to decorate our furniture forms.

Black and Gold Lilybelle Console


The Lilybelle is one of our signature leg forms. It can be successfully stretched or shrunk to fit a few different applications.

Japanned Wall Pieces


This is called "A History of Industry". It's made with found objects and things we've collected.  All pieces are made in limited quantities-any can be customized to suit your color palette and tastes.

Our Associations

Our Local Craftsperson's Guild


We're a supporting member of the Cumberland Furniture Guild of Middle Tennessee

Member of AIC


We are a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. We stay current with the latest technologies for conservation and restoration.

ASID Industry Partner


We enjoy being associated with our local design professionals.

Respect the Past

Celebrate the Present

Create the Future