Rosewalker Arts antique restoration

Antique Restoration

Restoration Services

Furniture Repair


We completely restored this large spinning wheel. It's known as a Great Wheel to aficionados of primitive pieces

Decorative Art Conservation


We consolidated the surface of this beautiful painted chest just in time to prevent wholesale losses of garland and flower scenes.

Antique Restoration


We fabricated and carved the right hand garland for this console. We then painted it to blend with the existing antique white.

Care of Decorative Art Objects


Black Onyx and Brass Candelabra that were in need of some new parts and structural repairs.

Cane, Rush and Splint weaving


White Oak and Rush Bench -10 feet long.  We built the bench and wove all the rush panels and seat.

Leather and Felt Desk Insets


We completely restored this Plantation Desk and installed a new felt writing surface

We are a full Service Studio


We work with:

Wood, Plaster, Gold Leaf, Fabrics,

Paint, Metals, Resins and many Finishes

Procedures may include anything from furniture repair to extensive antique restoration.

Full refinishing and expert color matching are possible in our fully-equipped restoration studio. 

We weave seats made of

Cane, Rattans, Rushes and Cords.

We're familiar with the various media used in decorative art through the years. 

A single, convenient source for reversing the wear and tear on various media.

Add 10-15 years to the life of your favorite pieces.

Short lead times on most projects.

Door-to-door pick up and delivery

We maintain a consultative relationship with

our clients throughout each project and 

value quality and service above all.

We provide the full spectrum of care from minimally invasive finish restoration to full-scale re-purposing. We assist our clients in making informed decisions about which approach

or combination of approaches will produce the results they seek. 

Respect the Past

Celebrate the Present

Create the Future